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Sonya Shorter

Sonya Shorter was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu when two social groups merged one evening for an "Introductory to Jin Shin Jyutsu" presented by Sharlene Friedman.  She found the premise that our thoughts and emotions as well as our beliefs and our physical being could be harmonized simply by holding our fingers and connecting to our breath, our source, absolutely intriguing and soon found herself in Sharlene's office receiving her first ever Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment.

It was like magic.  She felt relaxed and peaceful and her neck which had been troublesome for years suddenly was loose and pain free.  Sonya was convinced that even though she knew very little about this ancient art, she very much liked the results.  When Sharlene told her she could learn how to do this for herself, she immediately wanted to know how.

Shortly after that Sonya attended her first "Self Help" Weekend Class and knew she needed to pursue learning this art with the special attention it so deserved.  She became a Certified Practitioner in 2002 and it has completely changed her life.

Since then Sonya has attended several Basic 5 day classes as well as several Self Help classes, and numerous Special Topic classes to help her begin to understand this art. Sonya looks forward to attending more classes and understanding this ancient art a little more each time.

Sonya has a private practice in Brampton serving the Brampton and surrounding areas where she teaches Self Help to adults and children.  Visit her website to see what classes are available...check out her Fun With Happy Hands classes.

You can e-mail Sonya for rates and availability if you are interested in a session or a series of sessions.  A session lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour. 


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