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5 Day classes are typically held each summer in Toronto.  Next summer we have another great class planned and will post the details as soon as they are available.  The class fills up quite quickly so if you are planning on attending, watch here for details.......

The Jin Shin Jyutsu class for August 2013 in Toronto has been cancelled. If you would like to be put on our mailing list please email sonya@jsjtoronto.com


Key Benefits

bulletLearn how Energy Flows through the body
bulletLearn about the 26 Safety Energy Locks and the Organs
bulletHands on Application

Registration information is typically available approximately 6 months prior to the class.  If you are interested in being added to our mailing list please e-mail us and we will be glad to inform you as soon as the information is available.

You can visit the Bed & Breakfast website to help you plan your stay in Toronto.

Each basic text seminar consists of two parts:

Part I, the foundation, introduces the dynamic qualities of the 26 Safety Energy Locks, the Trinity Flows, the concepts of Depths within the body, and the Physio-philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Interspersed with lecture are ample periods of hands-on application.

Part II (prerequisite: Part I) introduces the 12 organ flows, listening to pulses, the Special Body Flows and how these contribute to harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

After attendance of one full seminar, a certificate of completion is issued. Upon completion of a student's third full basic seminar, a second certificate is issued, signifying attainment of minimum practitioner-level training.

Instructors for these seminars are Muriel Carlton, Philomena Dooley, Wayne Hackett, Susan Brooks (on sabbatical), Lynne Pflueger, Waltraud Riegger-Krause, Jed Schwartz, Ian Kraut, Birgitta Meinhardt, and Iole Lebnsztajn, Carlos Gutterres, Petra Elmendorff, Jill Holden, Cynthia Lenssen-Broshi, Nathalie Max, Susan Schwartz, and Anita Willoughby.

For information about a specific class, please contact the organizer listed on the schedule for that class.

Review students please note: Daily audits or incomplete attendance of Part 1 and/or Part 2 will not appear in student records.

TO ENROLL, please send a $100.00 deposit to the seminar organizer listed for that workshop, making cheques payable to the instructor unless otherwise noted on the schedule. VISA, Mastercard and American Express are welcome. Submitting deposits at least 60 days prior to requested seminar helps us to determine appropriate venue size. If minimum enrollment requirements are not met, cancellation may result and deposits are refunded.

Should a student need to cancel, a deposit is refundable until 30 days before the seminar. Any additional tuition paid is fully refundable.

PLEASE, no tape recordings or visitors permitted. For further information, please contact the workshop organizer or the Jin Shin Jyutsu office, in Scottsdale.

Main Central Vertical Flow


For Basic 5 Day Classes world wide, please go to Training Schedules and follow the instructions.

To get more information on the upcoming Toronto class you can download our information flyer and registration form from this web site and forward with your deposit.  Registration information forms are typically available approximately 6 months before the class and are available in pdf format.  Space is limited.


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